Getting involved is easy! First, contact us at to join our email list.  Then, look into which of the following 5 initiatives/programs you would be interested in: (1) Citizen Schools, (2) ESP, (3) Boy Scouts, (4) Annenberg Study Break, and/or (5) MIT lecture.  Details below:

Name of program (1) Citizen Schools (2) ESP
Age group 6th graders High school
Continuous program or one-time? Continuous for 10 weeks Continuous for 7 weeks
Time Every Tuesday 2–5 PM including transportation (the lesson itself is from 2:40-4:05 pm). Every Saturday 2-4 PM
Dates Feb 28 – May 22 Feb 11 –
Location Edwards Middle School (30 minute T ride/walk; Charlie card provided) MIT
Point person Alice Li ; Jason Gandelman Carlos Rodriguez-Russo
Name of program (3) Boy Scouts (4) Annenberg Study Break (5) MIT lecture
Age group ranges Harvard students High school
Continuous program or one-time? One-time One-time One-time
Time 9AM-1PM 9:15 PM-10:45 PM (1.5 hours) TBD
Dates Feb 12: 1.5 hour orientationMarch 3: lesson 9am-1pmApril 21: lesson 9 am-1pm TBD (late Feb) TBD
Location On-campus Annenberg MIT
Point person Taylor Reiter Juliet Bailin Carlos Rodriguez-Russo

Some reasons why you should join:

  • You want to help the community through education to prevent and overcome issues, such as chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes, associated with unhealthy lifestyles.
  • You are interested in health education and/or public health.
  • You enjoy working with elementary, middle school, high school students, in addition to college students.
  • You are premed and would like to participate in a service organization that compliments your academic studies.
  • You are not premed and would like to join a rewarding and fun service organization.


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