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Exam question: affordable family food choices

Hey HAP!
Too bad this came too late for study card day- but any of you who might look to add a course, here’s a really interesting question posed in SLS17-

interesting classes ask interesting exam questions!

interesting classes ask interesting exam questions!

Stay HAPpy!
Posted by Alice Li ’14


Spring 2013 Prospective Plans!

Hello HAP & interested HAP members,
Hope these first few weeks of classes are going well! Here are a list of prospective plans we have for this semester. Email us at if you’re interested in getting involved- it’s never too late to get involved with learning about health, both for your own lifestyle and for being able to share with others!

What’s in store for Spring 2013?
1. Our Fruit Buffet Annenberg study break was a huge hit last year! Join us if you want to help organize this popular event and add your own ideas, such as partnering with Stressbusters for free massages to help freshmen relieve stress in a safe, healthy way.

2. Teaching about health to kids at local Boston schools. For instance, our Curriculum Coordinator, Marissa Grenon ’14, has designed an incredible set of lesson plans for teaching kindergarteners. Check out some photos on our recent posts!

3. Working with high schools to see if/how we can change the menu in school cafeterias. Can we replace the notion that french fries count as a “vegetable serving”? Or at least give students the choice for healthier food options? Email us if you’re interested in helping out!

4. Hosting faculty chats. Know a professor who would be willing to share his/her work on nutrition/exercise/global health with undergrads? Here’s your chance to reach out!

5. Building HAP community. Looking for other undergrads on campus who are passionate and interested in learning about health and how to live a healthy lifestyle? Join our email list to hear about our socials!

In the meantime, feel free to brainstorm lesson plans of your own or consider projects in which you would like to get involved! Would you like to teach 5th graders about the good kinds of fats in guacamole while making it with them? Or lead a yoga class for 8th graders to show them how exercise can lead to a healthier cardiovascular system? Let us know what your ideas are and what you are passionate about; we look forward to working with you!