What is HAP?
  • HAP is a service organization founded in 2007 that aims to engage Boston public school students in actively learning about healthy living. Our lessons focus on nutrition, fitness, and cooking.  On campus, we host wellness study breaks, at which we provide healthy foods such as berries and nuts to students, among other activities.
What is the time commitment?
  • Active HAP members devote between 1-4 hours/week in class, and an additional hour or so preparing with his or her team. HAP’s program flexibility allows both students to be as involved as they wish.  
How do I get involved?
  • Send us an email at hap.harvard@ at any time during the year! We are always looking to grow our team.
Why should I join?
  • HAP allows its members to make an impact in Boston and on campus, guide and teach young children, meet and work with dedicated and fun people, and add philanthropy and leadership experience to their resumés. As a smaller service organization on campus, we are able to provide all of our members with the ability to develop their own lesson plans, plan unique programs, seek out sponsorships and partnerships, and more. 
Do I need to have any previous experience with children or health to get involved?  
  • No! The schools we work with provide brief training and have teachers in the classroom during our lessons. We also mentor one another throughout the year. If you are enthusiastic about our mission, you are more than qualified!


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