HAP is a team of undergraduates at Harvard College that works to provide health education to our community, thereby empowering people to make healthy living choices.  See our fall 2013 initiatives in a powerpoint format here: HAP intro 2013 fall. Our target communities include:

  • Elementary schools – Teach our youngest generation about basic, foundational characteristics of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Middle schools – Inform growing minds on the characteristics of a healthy lifestyle and facilitate discussion on why these qualities are important.
  • High schools – Challenge developing adults to question their diets and habits to see if they are making the healthiest decisions.
  • Harvard – Encourage open discussion about health-promoting ideas like “you are what you eat”, and organize health-related events for students.
We reach these communities by teaching nutrition, healthy living habits, and cooking skills to students in Boston’s public schools.  Schools and programs we have worked with include the Orchard Gardens K-8 School (Roxbury, MA), Cambridge After School Program (Cambridge, MA), Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment Program (Dorchester, MA), and John W. McCormack Middle School (Dorchester, MA).
We are looking for new volunteers and board members! Please contact hap.harvard@gmail.com to express your interest.

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