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Not your Typical Brain Break: April 4th, 9-10:45pm in Annenberg!

Dear Harvard Undergrads-
Join us on April 4th, from 8-10pm in Annenberg for a delicious fruit buffet brain break! While you’re munching on delicious pineapple, watermelon, etc…learn about the relationship between exercise and sex, exercise and success, exercise and motivation…all while experiencing a REAL brain break, replenishing your oxygen supply to your brain and spending some quality time with friends!

Hope to see you there!
Stay HAPpy!ar_buffet2

Posted by Alice Li ’14


First HAP meeting: Sunday March 3rd, 3pm in Adams dining hall!

Hey HAP! Hope you can join us for our first meeting on Sunday March 3rd, at 3pm in Adams dining hall; we’ll be talking about our initiatives this semester. Please RSVP to if you’ll be there! And if you can’t make it, email and I can keep you updated!

If you’re interested in teaching health to high school students and/or kindergarteners, organizing an epic fruit buffet/exercise-themed study break in Annenberg, collaborating with DAPA and the Harvard Happiness Project to throw Harvard HAP’s first annual Life is Good party, chatting with renowned Harvard faculty on topics such as “How should one age?”, working with a high school student to see if we can introduce healthier budget-friendly options to his high school cafeteria, and/or finding peers to support your own health-related initiative, you should join HAP!

Posted by Alice Li ’14