Hello to those interested in joining HAP!

Thank you very much for visiting our website for more information regarding HAP! Please contact us by emailing hap.harvard@gmail.com to express your interest or ask any questions you might have. We look forward to working with you!

What is in store for Spring 2012?

HAP has four main objectives for the coming semester. First, we would like to hold a large-scale study break in Annenberg dining hall to encourage freshman to join HAP. Underclassmen in particular are still determining with which organizations they would like to get involved, and we hope to  introduce HAP as a rewarding service opportunity that is willing to impart greater responsibility and higher positions on those who demonstrate interest and dedication to the group, regardless of their year or experience. This event will be part of a larger campaign to grow the HAP family and increase campus involvement.

Our second endeavor will be to continue an apprenticeship with Citizen Schools. Interested in working with 6th grade middle school students?  This semester, we will be teaching about topics such as nutrition, exercise, and obesity to about 12 students at Edwards Middle School through a 10-week program. Lessons are 1.5 hours every Tuesday or Thursday; including travel the total weekly time commitment is 3 hours.  Some of the students also come from Spanish or Chinese-speaking backgrounds, so if you are at all experienced in these languages we could really use your help! If you’re interested in being an inspiring teacher for these students, please email hap.harvard@gmail.com.  Our wonderful co-president Alice Li ’14 is in charge of the program, and she’d love to hear if you have your own ideas for lesson plans!

Third, our fantastic curriculum coordinator, Marissa Grenon ’14, has developed a ten week  nutrition education program for another school that we hope to implement as soon as possible. We are currently seeking funding through grants and sponsorships to ensure that the program can be executed to its fullest extent.

Finally, HAP will be teaching a nutrition class through ESP [Educational Studies Program] at MIT this semester! The class is taught for two hours on Saturdays, which is an great way for any busy Harvard student to get involved. HAP taught a Biology of Nutrition class through ESP at Harvard this past fall, which featured classes on carbohydrates, proteins, fats, metabolism, false advertising, and more.

Do you have your own ideas? Please let us know! And email us if you are interested in any of the above opportunities.


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